About Me

I have six amazing children. I had two girls, then two boys, then two girls. Those poor boys have been completely surrounded by women and Disney Princess movies their entire lives! As a result, I can assure you they will make great husbands. My daughter-in-law, Amanda, can attest to that. I’ve been married for 29 years to a wonderful man named Troy. We’ve been on a roller coaster ride of learning and growth our entire marriage. I can’t say it’s been easy but it has been worth it. I love him with my whole heart.

Some of my favorite things are Marvel movies, Harry Potter books and movies, and Doctor Who. My favorite TV show right now is The Flash. I love Grant Gustin and boy can he sing! Speaking of singing… that is also something I love to do.

If you happened to notice the dedication page in my book, you know that I dedicated it not only to my two youngest daughters, Shelby and Ashley, but to a dear friend, Tam Pendleton without whose work my book would have never been written. I meant that with my whole soul. I am a firm believer emotional healing. We all need that on some level for there are no perfect people in the world.

I am also a Christian with great faith in the power of God to lift, strengthen, and heal as I have witnessed this in my own life again and again.

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