About Me

     Suzy Rosenow loves God and people.  She has worked hard her entire life to build a strong and powerful relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of trials and struggle in her life she knows him on a deep and intimate level.  She shares her heart in her stories with all the love and faith that dwell within her.  She is a mother of six who loves to spend time with her family.  She would give anything to live near a beach with a snorkel in hand, but the mountains of Arizona and a pair of hiking boots will have to do.

     The beach is a magical place for me.  I dream of one day living near or on one.  I could spend hours walking down the beach collecting seashells.  In fact, I have.  Swimming is one of my favorite pastimes.  I love to swim but not in the ocean.  There are too many giant creatures lurking beneath me that I can’t see… things that could swim up and eat me.  Jelly fish are also a concern.  There have to be a lot of those swimming around out there, because I’m constantly having to step over them as I walk down the South Carolina beaches.  Which are my favorite beaches in the U.S., by the way.  Destin, Florida has the prettiest beaches, but Seabrook, Island is my favorite because of all the dolphins.  I also love Bermuda.  Talk about beautiful beaches.  The water is so clear you can see everything beneath you and it’s a spectacular shade of blue.  That is a great place to snorkel!

     A love of reading seems to be common for most authors and I am no different.  My favorite genres are historical fiction and young adult fantasy fiction.  I love Jane Austin.  I also love Marvel movies.  At least, I did until they killed off Iron Man, Black Widow and Vision.  I’m just kidding.  I still love them, but it did take some time to get over the trauma.  The BBC series Merlin is my all-time favorite television series.  I need them to make a movie because I didn’t like how it ended.  Talk about trauma.  But the acting was phenomenal, you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. 



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