The second law is the law of relativity.  It states that nothing we experience is fundamentally good or bad.  You are the one who puts a label on your experience based on a comparison to something else.  If you are living in a situation that you feel is horrible, it’s important to step back and realize there is always someone out there in a situation that is worse.  When we have thoughts in our head of how horrible our life is, we are helping to create that reality for ourselves.

In my experience, depression and anxiety are caused by one or two of three things; mental illness, abuse, and burying gifts.  I’m not saying those are the only things that cause anxiety and depression I’m simply saying that I have experienced these three forms for myself.  I know what it is like to live in anxiety and depression and how hard it is to get out of when life throws you, what can seem like, a raw deal.  

Now that I’m on the other side, it’s very easy to look back at those experiences and feel extreme gratitude for them.  They forced me to turn to the Lord in a way I never would have otherwise.  I developed a very strong and powerful relationship with God as I witnessed His hand in my life helping me through those experiences.  The only time I felt alone was during the mental illness.  I struggled with postpartum depression after each of my last three children, then hormonal depression as I got older.  

Life becomes very dark during mental illness, it feels impossible to see God.  During those times you need physical help.  There are some great herbs out there that have no negative side effects that have really helped me.  When we don’t see the mental illness for what it is and get the help we need, Satan fills our mind with tons of negative thoughts making everything a thousand times worse.  

I also have spiritual gifts that others might perceive as strange.  So I used to bury those gifts and pretend they weren’t there.  This caused extreme anxiety because they were there and they were affecting me even though I was pretending they didn’t exist.  When we don’t accept them, see them for what they are, and allow the Lord to help us develop them, Satan can get in and wreak havoc.  He fills our minds with negative doubting thoughts and as we grab onto those thoughts and believe them they fill us with fear and anxiety and create that reality for us.  God has given us gifts and abilities to help us accomplish our purpose in life.  He can and will help us pull out of the fear and anxiety.  Our thoughts must change.  He can help us with that if we ask.  

It’s important to recognize His hand in all things.  He truly is there.  He knows you by name and is waiting for you to accept Him into your life and help you through it.  Life becomes so much easier the closer we get to Him.  I know this from experience.  Ask God to help you see your life differently.  There is a reason you are living through what you are.  You will one day be able to use those experiences to help someone else.  

Use the law of relativity to help you stay positive.  The Lord can help you see your experience in a new way, but you need to ask.  He knows exactly what you need because He is God and He knows all things, but you have to ask.  He is bound by our free agency, our right to choose.  We have to ask Him for what we need.  

Don’t get me wrong; God is there putting positive thoughts in your mind just as Satan is there putting in negative. But if we ask God can give us more help. He can help us recognize those negative thoughts that are not our own and get rid of them. He can help us grab onto and believe the positive thoughts instead of the negative.

When we can find the positive in our life and I promise you there always is some… when we can find the positive and feel gratitude for the positive future we are creating in our mind we will be able to move out of the negative experience faster.  That’s one of the other laws.  I’ll get to that one soon.